Do not move but rename current file

Hi, I am a Drag and Drop aficionados and usually Billie will move the invoice to the folder defined in the group. I have a folder that is a "To Be Sorted" Defined. What would be useful is to have an action that does not move the file but just rename it.

I general I would prefer to download the invoice. Drag it to Bille. Have it rename the invoice, then I will manually move to my Payable folder for the Quarter. It is my thing, so I agree if is not a very high priority.

Another option would be to introduce a sort of wildcard that will just create the copy int he same folder as the source file. Do if the file is in my Download folder, the copy should appear in my download folder.

Good luck and thanks a lot for the app.




πŸ’‘ Feature Request


Low Priority

Jan 26, 2023

Over 1 year ago


An Anonymous User

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